Welcome to Year 3!

The teachers in Year 3 are:

Miss Plummer (USA class), Mrs Trigg (Canada class) 


TERM 4 The circle of life


Year_3 Spellings_Year_3_Term_4



TERM 3 SETTLEMENTS- Early settlements to the idea of where people might settle in the future.




This term we are focussing on why the Romans invaded and then settled in Britain and what we should think about if we wanted to settle somewhere undiscovered.


Caerleon Trip






We dressed as Romans and enjoyed a Roman feast, fed to us by slave, who Miss Hoskins was paid for.  Our feast included stuffed dormice, peacock brains and snails. We then explored the amphitheatre, which was over 2000 years old.  Next we headed to explore the Roman barrack ruins.  Finally we dressed as Roman soldiers, and learnt about what they wore and where they slept.



This term we have been learning to play Badminton with the Bristol Sport Team.

We have learnt how to hold the racket correctly, serve and keep a rally going over the net.



During the last week of January Year 3 were lucky enough to have a visit from the South Glos Road Safety team.  They learnt all about the safest places to cross roads, the importance of having lights on bicycles and wearing a seat belt.



As part of our PSHEC topic this term we are thinking about our dreams and goals both at school and at home.

This week we have been making dreams flowers to go in our dream gardens.




TERM 2 Settlements


Spelling grid Term 2   SPELLING TESTS are Friday.


Questions to ask your  child while reading.


3D shapes

This week we have been busy learning all about 2D and 3D.  Today we investigated the properties of 3D shapes by making them using different materials.


Christmas activities



Christmas Jumper day

Canada Class were very lucky on Friday 14th December, due to the Year 5 Craft, they were offered the opportunity to learn all about Badminton with Bristol Sport.  All the children had a wonderful time and the coaches were impressed with the level of skill the children showed.



Christmas Crafts

On Wednesday 12th December Year 3 were joined by parents and grandparents in the afternoon to make Christmas Crafts.  The children made glue gun reindeer and star decorations, sewn stockings, Christmas cards and a range of other decorations.  All the teachers, children and adults had a wonderful time and loved making so many different things.






Church visit

On Tuesday 11th December all of Year 3 walked to the local church Christ the King to learn more about what happens in a church at Christmas as part of their RE topic.

We also had the opportunity to sing Christmas songs, supported by members of the Church.  As you can see all the children and parents had a wonderful time.  Thank you to everyone who joined us in our walk to the church, we wouldn't have been able to go without you.



Some Photos from USA Class Assembly.



TERM 2 Settlements 

Our topic for the next two terms is Settlements.  We will be thinking about different types of Settlements through the ages, from the Stone Age to the Present day.  We will also be looking towards the future and considering other places we may settle.


This week we have been investigating different types of soil.  We used magnifying glasses to look closely at the soil so we could describe it.  We then considered what would happen to the soil when it got wet.  Finally we thought about how the properties of soil would affect where people select to settle.



As part of our RE we have been learning about what happens in Christian worship, how Christian's use music to help them feel closer to God and how Christmas is celebrated.

We were very lucky to have retired Stoke Lodge Teacher Mrs Cale to talk to us about what happens at a local church.  Mrs Cale has also helped with the organisation of our visit to Christ the King Church on Tuesday 11th December. 


In Art we have been looking at the work of the artist Elizabeth Langreiter.  Her work links in well with our Settlement topic, as she focusses on drawing different types of buildings and settlements.

In Science this term we are studying Rocks and Soils.  Many thanks to all the children who have been bringing in books, and different types of rocks.  It is wonderful to see the children so engaged in their learning.


TERM 1    Inventors

Have you ever wondered why things were invented?

This term we will be looking at inventors and inventions, focusing on the camera and the telephone.



Homework Term 1


Spelling Term 1







Olivia in Canada class made a new device for Miss Hoskins as part of her homework. It even has an eye on the back and mirrors so that Miss Hoskins can see everything that is going on in the classroom!




Week 7

This week we have been looking at developments in cameras and photography. Today we looked at how to take photos using the learn pads.  Then we investigated how to edit them using a variety of features. 'BeFunky' is a interesting editing website you may want to look at.

WEEKS 3 and 4.

In Science we have looked at how inventions linked to light have improved our lives.  How sunglasses were invented to protect our eyes from the sun, how angled dentists mirrors have been developed to view teeth easily.

This week we have been focussing on sound, how we hear, pitch and vibrations.


As part of our PSHEC lesson we have been focussing on teamwork, what makes a good team, and how to over come problems.

We were set the challenge to make our own Carrot Car Racers.  We were provided with a carrot, cocktails sticks and a variety of craft resources.  We found making the wheels the hardest part, and all enjoyed racing the cars at the end.


The winning teams.




In Science we investigated how light travels and what changes the direction of light. We then thought about whether materials were transparent, translucent and opaque.


In maths we continued our work on place value.  Ordering, and comparing numbers and placing them on a numberline.



Wow what a busy first week back.

In Literacy we have started looking at the book Ug, boy genius of the stoneage.

Today we predicted what might happen in the story, the children had excellent ideas about how he might find soft trousers.

We had lots of fun trying to act out the first few pages of the story.


In maths we have been looking at place value and using base ten and place value counters to help record numbers.



In Science we have been thinking about different sources of light and considering whether they are natural or man made.  We have also been thinking about what it would be like to be blind or partially sighted, and the inventions which help people.  We worked in pairs to direct a friend around a course while they closed their eyes.  We all agreed this was challenging as it required trust and excellent communication skills.




  Term 6. UK

Concorde Visit

Year 3 visit to the home of Concorde, Aerospace Bristol.

All of Year excitedly boarded the school mini buses, delighted that one was being driven by Mrs Antwis.  We then had the opportunity to explore the museum, learning all about the different aeroplanes and missiles built or designed in Bristol.  All then children got to go on Concorde and imagine what it must have been like to fly the magnificent plane, by sitting in a model cock pit.  All three classes took part in a hands on workshop when they designed their own rescue plane, thinking carefully about what special features it might have.  All the groups built their creations, ensuring they kept within the budget, weight, and length restrictions set out.

A fantastic day was had by all the children.







On Thursday the children had the opportunity to learn some traditional dances from around the UK.  Ex-Stoke Lodge teacher Mrs Revell and her husband came into school to teach the children 3 dances, Dorset Ring Dance, Circassian Circle and Pat a Cake Polka.  The music was played by Mr Revell on his melodeon.  For more information on the band they play for look up Jig Mad Wolf, their Ceilidh Band.

The children had a wonderful time and Mr Revell commented on how well behaved and enthusiastic all the children were.






As part of our Topic work this week we had a visit from local historian Martin Davis who grew up in the area, He shared with us photographs of the local area from the past and current, we identified key landmarks in the pictures.  We then compared maps from 1715, 1915 and the current day.


Biscuit icing


For Fathers day we made boxes and iced biscuits.  Hopefully they all arrived home in one piece.


In maths we have moved onto 3D shapes, thinking about their properties and how to make them using nets and modelling materials.





What a wonderful start to our last term.


In English we have began reading 'The Lost Happy Endings'  by Carol Ann Duffy.


We have also launched our author focus for this term.

In Year 3 we are looking at Cressida Cowell.  The children have already excitedly started reading some of her novels. Even asking to take them out at breaktimes!  If you have time why don't you visit your local library to borrow one of her books.  She was selected as our author as she writes about a range of powerful male and female characters.


We have been looking at properties of shapes, including types of angles, parallel and perpendicular lines.

Canada then applied their knowledge to a shape investigation.  The children enjoyed it so much several asked to take copies of the investigation home to test their parents skills!



Maths band success this week.

Eddie Green band.

James and Sara Purple bands.

Thea Yellow band.

Keep up the good work everyone.


As part of our topic week we have been using an atlas to locate cities in the UK.

Next week a local Historian is coming into school to talk about how the local area has changed.



TERM 5  'I spy Robots'





Please make sure you look at the spelling rules/patterns and the tricky words.


 Week 6 and 7

Design and Technology

This term we have been looking at how robots are made and their purposes. After evaluating a variety of robots we started to design our own robots thinking carefully about how we would make them and what we would use.  Over the last two weeks all three classes have tried to follow their designs to make their own robots.  Finally we evaluated the finished product considering what went well and what we would do differently next time.










Mexico and Canada had an excellent afternoon joining Year 6 for Rounders.  Excellent team spirit was shown by all the children.



This term we have been studying different religions and festivals.

Here is Canada class with their masks ready to re tell the Hindu story of Rama and Sita.



In Maths we have started a three week unit on Time.  We have been learning to tell the time to the nearest 5 minute and to the nearest minute.  We have thought about the number of days in each month and solved problems relating to leap years.  Next week we will be thinking about AM/PM and the 24 hour clock, as well as solving time related problems.


This week Year 3 were very lucky to have the Road Safety team visit.  We thought about how to cross a road safely, the rules relating to seat belts and car seats and how to be safe while cycling.







Rain doesn't stop us doing PE!  USA and Canada classrooms became aerobic studios this afternoon, as it was too wet to go outside.

The children had great fun and a brilliant workout moving in time to the music.




In Literacy we have started looking at the story The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.


We are coming to the end of our fractions topic, and have been focussing on applying our skills to solve fractions problems.


In Science we have planted sunflower seeds, and we are thinking carefully about what they need to grow.



Miss Plumer and Miss Hoskins had great fun at Craft Club on Wednesday, teaching the children to use 'mod roc'.  We are hoping next week to transform our Mod roc balloons into masks.



Maths band success.  Well done to the children in USA class.  Amelie, Owen and Halia have all achieved their Orange maths bands and Archie has gained his Purple maths band.

In Maths we have continued to study fractions, thinking carefully about which fractions are equivalent, and how to order fractions according to size.



In PSHEC USA have been thinking about different roles, responsibilities and how to cope in tricky situations.  They had great fun acting out different situations.




Wow what an exciting start to the new Term.

In Literacy we have been reading Tin Forest.  This is an excellent book with a message about the importance of persevering and following your dreams.

USA even created their own Tin Forest.



In Maths we have been learning about equivalent fractions, using a variety of resources and fractions walls. 

One minute challenge-

How many equivalent fractions can you think of for 1/2, 1/3, 1/4? 

Please post your results on your class Dojo.

Maths band successes in Canada class.

Well done to Ella and Jared who gained their Orange maths band, Thea who gained her Purple maths band, and Oliver who has completed his Yellow Maths bands.

I wonder who will be next?



We have been exploring programming using Scratch.  This can be downloaded at home on devices with flash players.







After almost 400 years in Britain the Romans have now returned to Rome!

 Roman bread and honey cakes recipes-

Roman Bread

125 grams strong white flour

125 grams strong wholemeal flour

½ teaspoon salt

1 sachet dried yeast

Warm water

Spoonful of honey

Leave to rise for one hour. Cook for roughly 30minutes at 180.

Roman honey cakes

3 eggs

Roughly half jar honey

50grams spelt flour

75 grams self- raising flour.

  1. Beat eggs
  2. Pour in honey
  3. Mix.
  4. Put in flour
  5. Spoon mixture into cases.

Cook at 180, for about 15minutes.


During Term 4 we will continue to study the Romans. 

Homework Grid


Spellings Term 4


Mrs Lankester's Phonics spellings




Congratulations to Haya who gained her blue maths band and Julia, Chloe, Adriana, Jack, Archie and Isla G who all gained their Orange maths bands. 

Happy Easter

The Year 3 team would like to wish all our children and families a very happy Easter and a lovely break. Thank you for all the support this term. We look forward to welcoming the children back for Term 5.


Roman Day!

Wow! What an amazing day we had in year three.

To conclude our fantastic topic on the Romans, we had a whole day of Roman related activities and fun. We marched through the school and learnt about different shield formations; we made our own pottery, bread and honey cakes and enjoyed a Roman feast in the afternoon.

A fantastic day had by all. Thank you to all the parents for sending children into school with amazing costumes and shields. We hope you enjoy hearing about the day.









Mother's day

We hope you enjoyed the cards the children made for mother's day. Here's some pictures of Mexico having lots of fun making them!



World Book Day 2018

Despite the snow, it was fantastic to see Year 3 children dressed up as their favourite book characters. Year 3 were also very excited to welcome reception to our classes, where the children shared stories with each other. A fantastic morning of celebrating reading.



 Mexico and England Class


Spain and Scotland Class



 Quotes from Canada Class about Sharing stories with the younger children.

'It felt wonderful sharing a story because they were listening quietly' Isla B

'I felt like I was a purple learner because I challenged myself and read out loud, which is something I don't normally do'  Isla G

'I felt confident reading to the Reception children' Kydn 


Well done to Thea for gaining her Orange Maths band, and Oliver for gaining his Red maths band.  Go team Canada!


On Wednesday Canada Class learnt all about Roman aqueducts.  We then followed instructions to make our own aqueducts.  Finally we poured water down them to see if they worked.  Luckily most were pretty good, and the only thing that got wet was the paper at the bottom! 


Week 1


For the next few weeks we are learning all about length. Measuring, comparing, converting and finding the perimeter of shapes.

To help make their learning come alive Canada class converted lengths by drawing lines on the playground then converting the measurements using mm, cm and m.


In Science we have been discussing different nutrient groups, and in PSHEC we have been thinking about Healthy eating.



As part of our Roman topic we have been learning about Roman roads.  We discussed why they were made straight, and how they were constructed.  We then worked in small groups to create our own straight Roman roads.



 Welcome to 2018.

Watch out the Romans are coming!


Homework grid.  /docs/YEAR_3_HOMEWORK_GRID_TERM_3.docx

Term 3 Spellings


Phonics List Term 3


Useful websites


Super Superheroes




With the winter Olympics starting tomorrow Canada Class have been trying their hand at Curling!


Maths Bands

Congratulations to Oliver, in Canada class who has achieved his Purple band.

Ollie, Kydn and James in Canada class who have achieved their Orange maths bands this week.

Who will be the next Maths Champion?


This week, Mexico class have been improving their programming skills. We have been using the Scratch software to create our own game.





Week 6 


Well done to Eddie and Rio in Canada class, who have achieved their Blue maths bands.

The maths bands are completed under timed conditions.  To help your child see how quickly they can answer questions (especially division questions) against a clock.


This week we have been looking at Poetry.  Lots of children have read and selected poems as part of their homework and then performed them in class.  We have also been studying the style and structure of poems, writing our own in the Poet's style and performing poems together.



In maths we have been looking at division, using base ten to help us.



Finally we have been thinking about our hopes and dreams for school and for the future.




Another busy week for Year 3. 

Today the whole of Year 3 enjoyed a celebration of Sport with Bristol Sport.


Oliver Smith has completed his orange maths band.

USA and Mexico have been investigating light.


In LITERACY we have finished our work on the Tales of Wisdom and Wonder, by creating and then performing plays, based on the texts.




Canada class were very lucky, Sara made us Roman bread to taste, using a recipe she found on the British Museum website.  We tasted it with Olive oil and a little salt.  Thanks Sara and your family for bringing History to life.





In maths we investigated pictograms and bar charts.  We then made human pictograms.



We have started to re-launch Maths challenge bands.  These are timed questions which focus on number bonds and time tables.  Please help your child by going over times tables and division facts.

Well done to Tyresse in Canada who has already achieved his first maths band.


Maths to support our work with money today Canada class was turned into a shop!

A wide range of items was on sale, everything from plastic animals to Phonics reading books.

We all enjoyed finding different ways to spend our 50p and calculate the change.


This week in year three, we have continued to look at Tales of Wisdom and Wonder, thinking about the different morals in each story.

In Art we have been looking at Roman Mosaics





Class Dojo

This week all year three classes have signed up to class dojo! Class dojo allows children to earn points for fantastic learning and effort in school. It is great way to motivate the children to do their best and allows you to see how they are getting on!

Letters with instructions on how to join have been sent out, and we would love you to join in! Any questions, just ask your child's teacher.


What a wonderful start to the new year.  The children have all come back to school excited and ready to learn.

In Maths we have been using money.  We have been adding and subtracting money, using numberlines and base ten.  We have then applied our knowledge to solve money word problems.



In English we have started our new book 'Tales of Wisdom and Wonder'  This is a collection of short stories from different cultures. 

In History we have started to think about where the Romans fit in the History of Britain, and how their lives were different to the Celts.   We then discussed the different stories relating to the founding of Rome, thinking about which may be based on facts and which was a legend.

Below is one of the stories.  Which do you think it is and why?


We also had time to start learning a Rome song, while marching like a solider!



Star of the week!

Well done to Grace (Mexico), Frazer ( USA) and Isla (Canada) for winning Star of the Week, Who will it be next week??





Term 2 Homework





Check out our amazing homework.



Useful websites



Year three would like to wish all our children and families a wonderful Christmas.  A big thank you for the lovely presents and gifts. We really appreciate it.

We look forward to welcoming the children back in 2018!


Christmas week


Christmas arrives in Year 3.


On Tuesday we visited Christ the King Church to learn about the importance of Christmas and sing Christmas carols.  Many thanks to all the parents and Teaching Assistances who walked with us.  We couldn't have gone without your help.

Canada Class getting in the Christmas spirit.


On Friday we all had the opportunity to make Christmas crafts.


 Even with Christmas approaching will still fitted in some Maths!

Year three had a fantastic time at Christ the King church.




Ring Of Fire

This week we continued with our topic 'Extreme Earth. Mexico class learnt all about the 'Ring of Fire' discovering where the ring of volcanoes are located. We used Atlases to help us locate them and added them to our own maps.


As part of our Science Topic Canada and USA presented their forces information texts to Year 1.

Comments like 'Wow, I've learnt so much' and 'It's amazing finding out what the magnet sticks to'  were a delight to hear.



This week, year three have been creating structures using a variety of resources.  The aim is to see which structures would be stable enough to survive an earthquake.





Another busy and exciting week in Year 3.

In English we have started reading our last book for this term Arthur and the Golden Rope.


Image result for arthur and the golden rope


In Maths we have been using our knowledge to problem solve.


Canada Class braved the cold on Friday to work with Bristol Rugby.  They were very impressed with the children's team work and ball handling skills.  Kydn demonstrated how to organise his team, so they could defend against a team attack.


  The reds working hard defending.

In Science USA have created a game using magnets.



Week 4

This week has seen a week of wonderful story writing, using the text Oliver and the Seawigs, we wrote Stacey de Lacy and the Seawigs.  We also thought about a sequel to the story.  Here are some of our title suggestions;

'Iris and her adventures'   'The revenge of Stacey de Lacy'

'Oliver's summer holiday'

In maths we have been applying our knowledge of multiplication facts to solve problems using grid multiplication.



Canada class have also enjoyed playing a times table game to help learn their 4 and 8 times tables.   See Miss Hoskins in Canada class Wednesday- Friday if you would like a copy to support your child's learning.

In Science we investigated which objects were magnetic.

Science Challenge

Are all coins magnetic or not?  Does the year they were made affect whether or not they are magnetic?  Why might there be a difference?



In Art we created our own volcano pictures using a range of different mediums.


Week 3

Children in Need.  Thanks for all your donations.

Wow what a busy week in Year 3.

This week we had retired Stoke Lodge Teacher Sue Cale visit as part of our RE topic.  We are planning to visit Christ the King church on 12th Dec for carols.  Details to follow.


We also learnt about bullying using the Odd Socks song written and performed by Andy from Cbeebies.  Below are a few of the posters created by Canada and USA classes.



Science this week we investigated magnets.

The children learnt all about magnets. We learnt that magnets have different poles and how opposite poles attract!





Bristol Sport

Mexico class had a fantastic P.E, lesson with Bristol Sport this Friday.




To The Centre of the Earth!

In our 'Extreme Earth' topic this week, the children were learning all about the different layers of the Earth. We learnt about the crust, the mantle and the core. We looked at the inside of peaches to help  represent the different layers of the Earth. We then imagined we were drilling down to the centre of the Earth, and wrote a short story about our adventure, A fantastic afternoon of learning in year three.



Its division week!!  Say Hooray for Arrays. We have been working together to find out which numbers can be shared equally.



This week, year 3 have continued their work on forces by investigating friction. First of all, the children had a great time with the jelly challenge! We discovered that picking up jelly with chopsticks is tricky! But even trickier when you reduce the friction by adding oil!


We continued our friction learning by investigating which materials had the most and least friction with the help of a ramp and a toy car! We made predictions and discussed how to keep the experiment a fair test.

Fantastic learning and great scientific thinking. Well done, year three.


Week 1

Use the Force!

Year 3 started their new science topic this week: forces and magnets. We discussed how a force is a push or a pull and demonstrated different forces in action! Have a look.


The force is strong in Canada Class.  Which forces can you identify?



Mexico class demonstrating push and pull actions. We had lots of fun!




In English, we are the studying 'Oliver and the Seawigs' by Philip Reeve and Sarah Mcintrye. This week, we made predictions about what we thought the story was about based on the front cover; described some of the characters, and wrote a letter to Oliver! It has been great to read so much fantastic writing already in Term 2! Keep it up, Year 3.

We were also lucky enough to watch a performance of Wind in the Willows, by Image Productions.


We all decided the acting was brilliant and really funny.  A few of us were also lucky enough to join the actors on stage. 



 TERM 2 - Extreme Earth

Image result for volcanoImage result for tornado

 This term, Year 3 will be learning why our Earth is extreme! Children will learn all about how volcanoes are formed and what happens when they erupt. We will discover the different layers of the Earth, why earthquakes happens and how this affects people.

In science, we will be learning about forces and magnets. What is a force? Why is friction important?  How do we use magnets to help us?

In maths, we will be focusing on multiplication and division, exploring the 3s, 4s and 8s. We will also be learning how to use the grid method to solve more challenging multiplication problems.

In Art, we will be creating our own volcano and storm Art based on the artist Nick Rowland.

Are you ready to discover why we live on an 'Extreme Earth!?'

Term 1 Yabba Dabba Do

As we reached the end of term we compared the Stone Age to the Bronze Age.  Below is Isla's comparisons

 We all decided that although living in the Bronze Age was easier, we still prefer our life now.

 Thank you for supporting Canada class during their assembly.  Below our some of the photos we used. 



Useful History links

An excellent Game all about life as a Celt

We are Geologists


We are Historians



We are Cave Artists


We are learning about Place value



As part of our topic we will be learning about life in the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and the Celts.  Also we will be investigating Rocks and Soils.  We will also learn to create our own Cave Art and explore how to make natural paint!

Image result