Welcome to year 2!

The teachers in Year 2 are Mrs Rowland and Miss Hackett. 

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Dent.


Our term 1 is "Trash or Treasure"


Our focus will be on some key questions:

What is waste?

Where does waste go?

What is recycling?

How could we encourage more people to recycle?

Spelling list for Term 1 and 2 - /docs/Spelling_List_Term_1_and_2__2_.docx

Homework grid for Term 1 - /docs/Term_1_Homework_grid_year_2.docx


Poland class went on a walk of the local area to see how much litter they could find and whether or not it was recyclable. They also counted how many bins they could find in the area.




Italy class carried out a lunch time survey asking KS2 and kitchen staff about the recycling they do. They also asked the question "If there was a recycling bin in the lunch hall would you use it?" - nearly every child said yes, they would. 





Italy class looked carefully at the picture "Tiger in the Storm" by Henri Rousseau.


We drew leaves and colour mixed to match the leaves in the picture.