We would like to see the children wearing sweatshirts or cardigans with the school badge on.  These can be bought from Initially Yours Ltd in Hambrook or online from www.initiallyyours.co.uk.

Children will also require a PE kit.  PE kits should include a blue logoed T-shirt with navy or black PE shorts for indoor PE and a tracksuit or jogging bottoms for outdoor PE during the colder months.  All clothing, including PE kits, must be named. 

Jewellery is not allowed in school for health and safety reasons.  If children have pierced ears then small stud earrings may be worn but tape should be supplied for covering earrings during PE. 

We would also like to ask the children to have sensible haircuts please and long hair should be tied back.  No nail varnish please.


  • Yellow logoed polo shirt
  • Blue sweatshirt or cardigan
  • Grey or black school trousers, skirt or pinafore
  • Sensible dark shoes or boots
  • Grey, black or white tights
  • Grey, black or white socks


In Summer the following optional items may be worn:

  • Striped or check dress
  • Sensible sandals

Strappy sandals or plastic ‘jelly’ shoes are not appropriate for safety reasons.  There is an expectation that sensible school shoes will be worn and not trainers.

PE Kit

  • Blue logoed T-shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Black daps

Outdoor Games Kit (KS2)

As for PE kit plus:

  • Track suit or jogging bottoms
  • Change of footwear 


Children who are swimming should wear sensible costumes or trunks. Long shorts and bikinis are inappropriate.

Assistance with Purchase of School Uniform

The Trust can offer support of 100% towards the cost of our 'essential uniform' per academic year if a pupil is in receipt of free schools meals or is recorded as eligible for Pupil Premium.

The Trust can offer support of 50% towards the cost of our 'essential uniform' per academic year if families of a student are in receipt of working tax credit and where the household income is less than the income threshold for free school meals eligibility (currently £16,190, April 2013).

Please see the school for a list of essential uniform.

The school also offers assistance with school trips. Please enquire at the school office.

Requests for support should be made in writing to the school office at enquiries@stokelodgeschool.co.uk