All year groups have been given new books to kick off Anti Bullying Month. 

The stories all focus on friendship, sharing, inclusion and other anti bullying themes.


We are ready for Anti Bullying Month 2018! Our anti bullying display board has been changed and has lots of information about Respect, this year's theme. We have also started to display the 'Odd Socks' that children have been designing for us. Our Anti Bullying Ambassadors have all been voted in and will be having a meeting with Mrs Bruford during the first week back in term two. On 15th November we are holding an information evening for all parents/carers about Cyberbullying and how to stay safe online in support of Cyberbullying day. 







                                                                                                            Term One Anti Bullying Board




                       We did it! For the third year in a row we achieved the

                                               BIG Award for Anti Bullying!


BIG Award

We are currently working towards the BIG award again which we hope to achieve for a third year in a row. To achieve this we have to meet externally agreed criteria and be able to demonstrate that we are working to agreed standards and ensure that every child in our school is enabled to fulfil their educational potential and enjoy their activities in school free from bullying. The award is recognised by Childline, Anti Bullying Alliance, Anti Bullying Words, Each Education and CEOP.

In place of the Playtime Buddies that we were only able to use in KS2, we have introduced Anti Bullying Ambassadors. These are two people from each class who have volunteered to look after their classmates during playtimes and lunch times. If there is a child in their class who is lonely or upset for any reason the Anti Bullying Ambassadors need to look after them, take them to an adult or introduce them to others to make friends. The KS1 children have found saying 'Anti Bullying Ambassadors' quite tricky so we have given it a nickname of 'ABA'. The ABA's all know that they do not have to stop doing what they would normally do at playtimes, they carry on as normal and only need to help when asked by a fellow classmate.

As soon as we know if we have achieved the award we will let you know.






On Tuesday 6th February the children had the choice of wearing either blue and orange or both in support of Safer Internet Day. During assembly and lesson time the children were taught all about how to keep safe online. Below are three photos of YR, Y1 and Y6 dressed in their colours.

Some of the children designed posters about internet safety in their own time which have been displayed in our main corridor. Below are just a few.



Proud to be BIG Award achievers.

The Big Award is an award for excellence in bullying intervention. To achieve this award we had to meet externally agreed criteria and be able to demonstrate that we are working to agreed standards and ensuring that every child is enabled to fulfil their educational potential and enjoy their community activities, without fear of being bullied. The award is recognised nationally by Childline, Anti Bullying Alliance, Anti Bullying Words, CEOP and Each Education.

Val McFarlane, Director of the Bullying Intervention Group, commented: 


"Stoke Lodge Primary School take bullying very seriously. Although they do not have a problem with bullying, they ensure that they have excellent systems in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all their pupils. They involve the children and parents/carers in all aspects of their anti bullying work and also have an up to date, effective, anti bullying policy. I am delighted that they have now achieved the BIG Award for excellence in challenging behaviour."



At Stoke Lodge Primary School we believe that all children should feel safe and happy. Under the United Nations Conventions on the rights of the Child, all children have the right to feel protected from physical, emotional and mental harm. Our anti-bullying policy should be read in connection with our behaviour policy. We do not tolerate any kind of bullying and all incidents are dealt with. We acknowledge that bullying can and does happen from time to time and anti bullying is a topic that is taught to our children during assemblies and PSHE lessons. 

What is bullying? 

Bullying can be defined as any hurtful behaviour, usually but not exclusively repeated over a period of time, which intentionally hurts another pupil or group physically or emotionally. Examples of unacceptable bullying behaviour are; physical, verbal, cyberbullying. Within school we pay particular attention to racial harassment and racist bullying, sexual bullying, the use of homophobic language, bullying of pupils with special needs, health conditions, appearance, home circumstance or disabilities. 

Bullying is not-

The odd occasion of falling out with friends, name calling or when the occasional trick or joke is played on someone. Children sometimes say or do things because they are upset. When occasional problems of this arise, although not kind, it is not classed as bullying. It is an important part of children's development to learn how to deal with friendship breakdowns or a childish prank. We all have to learn how to deal with these situations and how to repair relationships. 

Indications of bullying-

If a child cannot verbally tell us they are being bullied they may show different signs of behaviour. Adults should be aware of these signs; Is frightened of walking to and from school, becomes withdrawn, anxious or lacking in confidence, feels ill in the mornings, begins to under perform at school, is frightened to say what's wrong. This is not a definitive list and these behaviour could indicate other issues, however, bullying should be considered.

What can you do- 

If you know of someone that is being bullied or see someone being bullied, report it to a member of staff straight away. This can be a member of the office team, class teacher/teaching assistant or our anti-bullying co-ordinator, Mrs Bruford. We also have a red box in our dedicated anti bullying section of the school corridor where children can post their name and class. The box is checked weekly and any names are discreetly given to the class teacher and anti-bullying co-ordinator to investigate.

Strategies in school for the prevention and reduction of bullying-

Whole school initiatives and proactive teaching strategies will be used throughout the school to develop a positive learning environment with the aim of reducing the opportunities for bullying to occur. These include; high profile anti bullying events throughout the year, class rules, raising awareness through PSHE lessons and assemblies, Playtime Buddies, School Council, Buddy benches in both KS1 and KS2 play grounds, guest speakers to classes and whole school assemblies, newsletters and involving parents and the wider community.




We can now finally reveal the winner of our 'Design a Flag' competition that we held in November. Unfortunately there was a delay with the printing but we now have the Flag and it is flying high at the front of school. Well done to Pearl in Ghana class whose design was chosen by Mr Clark and the Governors. Pearl was awarded with a certificate and her very own identical flag to keep.

Well done Pearl!





Some useful links for staying safe online -  Produced by CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre). Contains internet safety advice for parents, pupils and teachers.  CBBC Stay safe hints and tips.  Hints and tips at staying safe online. Different categories for different age groups.  Explains many popular sites that children use.  An award winning internet safety programme for children.   A joint programme between the NSPCC and vodafone


 Some useful links for anti-bullying- (CEOP)



Please use these link to see our Anti Bullying newsletters

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Time to give children the power to take care of their own lives.

Children are being left to roam the digital world without proper guidance - that is the finding of a report from the Children's Commissioner. The Growing up Digital report follows a year long investigation into children's digital privacy and shines a light on the unfathomable social media terms and conditions which children are routinely signing up to, but not understanding.



Our BIG Award which we are very proud of.