Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

We learn and achieve together to reach for excellence in the care and education of our young people and equip them with the skills for learning in order to raise standards and improve lives.

We strive to work with our parents and the community in order to make a greater difference for all and thereby improve educational, economic and social well-being. We shall listen carefully to what the government, local authority, children, parents and other stakeholders tell us and shall communicate our responses effectively. In doing so, we aim to continually improve our current provision and outcomes for children as learners, to raise aspirations and to contribute to a longer term vision for achieving ambitious standards. At the heart of what we do as a school is the sincere desire to ensure every child DOES matter.

Our Purpose and Aims

We learn and achieve together by:

  • ensuring all of our pupils develop into successful, active learners achieving their full potential through high quality, purposeful teaching.
  • fostering, throughout the school community, positive, confident individuals that have a high level of respect, integrity and care and a sense of responsibility.
  • developing a school that is welcoming, attractive, happy and secure and one that works in genuine partnership with families and the wider community.
  • providing an enjoyable curriculum for every child in a high quality, stimulating environment.
  • challenging, supporting and developing our staff to create an outstanding workforce.

 Our Values

We learn and achieve together by…

Putting children and learners first - We start from the interests of children and learners of all ages, whatever their background, and the interests of parents, carers and employers. We take pride in standing up for the rights and opportunities of everyone who uses the school.

Achieving excellence - We want to make a difference and set challenging standards for ourselves. Our impact comes from the way we provide encouragement and incentive for improvement, and from our contribution learning development. Striving for excellence ourselves, we seek always to learn.

Behaving with integrity - We build and maintain trust by behaving fairly and impartially in everything we do, with others and with our colleagues. We are highly professional, valuing our role in the community to help promote social change, cohesion and aspiration.

Innovative and risk taking - We seek to be innovative and risk taking in order to make a real difference. We will learn from our mistakes and work hard to ensure we continually challenge any passive attitudes within our organisation.